The easiest, fastest staging system on the market

SpeedDeck makes building your performance area even easier with stronger platforms, lighter materials and with all the flexibility expected from the easiest and fastest staging system on the market. Platforms are easy to manoeuvre and operate, which rapidly reduces the time spent on setting up.

Due to the fact that SpeedDeck is a portable stage, it needs to have certain features to suit all varied performers and settings. You can rely on SpeedDeck for its lightweight temporary staging platform, suitable for event staging, school staging and concert staging. Whether you’re a local school searching for hassle free modular staging, or a theatre looking for lightweight modular performance areas, look no further than SpeedDeck.

The SpeedDeck has been carefully designed and constructed by the best designers, utilising the highest quality lightweight and durable materials. You will never struggle to form staging again with this lightweight portable stage.

To find out more about SpeedDeck, you can download the specification sheet or call us on 0116 2437220